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Conocybe lactea

Common name: White dunce cap, White cone head
Spore Print: Rusty orange
Habitat: Grows in lawns
Edibility: Edible, but hardly worth it.
Comments: This very small, thin, fragile mushroom is common in many lawns but if you don't get out and look in the morning they may be gone by the afternoon. It seems that they are sensitive to the sun and shrivel or topple over by mid afternoon when it warms up. I've seen lawns covered with these in the morning and I'm not able to find a single one late afternoon. The stems are so fragile it's almost impossible to pick one without breaking the stem. From the photo it almost looks like a Panaeolus but doesn't have a black spore print or grow on dung. Even though it's reported to be edible, you would need to find a whole bunch of them just to take a single bite! And since I've only ever seen them in lawns, you probably wouldn't want to eat them anyway; I'm sure they concentrate the fertilizer and pesticides (never eat mushrooms from lawns treated with chemicals).

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