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Laccaria laccata

Common name:Lackluster Laccaria
Spore Print:White
Habitat: Grows on the ground in troops and common near pine trees in the mountains.
Edibility:Edible and very good! The stems are tough and should be discarded.
Comments: This mushroom is notoriously difficult for the begginer to accurately identify since it is a 'LBM', a little brown mushroom. It's usually a bit larger than the typical LBM with wide spaced gills and a very tough stem. The one thing that gives it away is it's odor which is really unique. This mushroom is very abundant and best of all, because of the tough stem there are 'never' any bugs in the flesh! When fried up this mushroom has a very Agaricus taste to it, similar to a store bought button mushroom. Also the lack of a veil (ring) on the stem and growing on the ground (not on wood) spaced apart (not in tight groups) is key to identification. People walk past droves of this mushroom looking for other edibles that they recognize. With practice, this mushroom is fairly easy to identify and can be found in abundance. However, there are many look alikes including the deadly Galerina autumnalis. Don't take chances eating this one unless you are 100% sure of your identification!

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