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Clitocybe nuda

Common name: Blewit. Also known as Tricholoma nuda, Rhodopxillus nudas, and Lepista nuda.
Spore Print: Dull pink to pinkish-buff.
Habitat: Grows on the ground on decaying matter.
Edibility: Edible
Comments: This mushroom is rather rare in Colorado. I have only seen it once or twice, and usually a lone mushroom or just a couple can be found. It is said to be a good edible but because I have not been 100% sure of my identification, I have not taken a chance and attempted to eat it. The distinguising features are the purple cap and gill color, inrolled cap margin, pinkish spore print, and rather stout nature. It lacks a cobwebby veil, which would indicate a Cortinarius species (I have seen several Cortinarius look-alikes). It can be grown as easily as the oyster mushroom, and can use compost or even shreaded newspaper as a substrate!

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