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Agaricus albolutescens

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Common name:Amber Staining Agaricus
Spore Print: Brown
Habitat: Grows on the ground in wooded areas
Edibility: Edible and very good!
Comments: Keep in mind that some people react adversly to eating some species of Agaricus and develop flu like symptoms. This mushroom looks very similar to Agaricus xanthodermis but you can tell the difference since this one smells strongly of almond or sweet. Agaricus xanthodermis smells like phenol and when you cook it you can really tell these two apart since A. xanthodermis smells really bad and A. albolutescens smells good! This mushroom is also very similar to A. silvicola but is generally shorter, thicker, has a stronger odor, and has an amber staining cap. Both are edible (with caution).

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