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Agaricus campestris

Common name: Meadow Mushroom
Spore Print: Brown
Habitat: Grows on the ground, usually in grass
Edibility: Edible and good.
Comments: This is reportedly one of the best tasting Agaricus, even better than the store bought Agaricus bisporus. The genus Agaricus is notoriously difficult to identify to species. This one is fairly easy to identify by its flat, silky smooth cap, thin veil on the stem, and flesh that does not stain yellow. It does not smell like phenol or almonds, but rather has a similar smell to that of a store bought button mushroom or portabello. I usually find this in parks or maintained lawns around commercial buildings. The problem with eating mushrooms in these locations is that quite often there are pesticides used on the grass, and mushrooms will concentrate any chemicals used on lawns. I have yet to find a Meadow mushroom that I am willing to eat!

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