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Agaricus xanthodermis

Common name: Yellow staining agaricus
Spore Print: Brown
Habitat: Grows on the ground, in my yard in the grass by the bucket full!
Edibility: Poisonous
Comments: Many of the toxic agarics can be identified by the bright yellow staining at the very bottom of the stem when cut in half (see photo above). This is one of the tests for edibility of agarics, if it stains bright yellow at the base, don't eat it! This mushroom actually doesn't smell too bad to me. However, I once tried to cook it and the bad smell became unbearable. Another good distinguishing feature of this mushroom is the brown in the center of the cap. Also, the buttons have a squared marshmellow-like shape to them. The gills start out beige when very young, turn pink and then eventually a dark brown. The cap is not always cracked as in the photo above and usually only cracks when there is a dry spell.

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