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Amanita vaginata

Photo by Ed Swanberg

Photo by Ed Swanberg

Common name: Grisette
Spore Print: White
Habitat: The grisette is a mycorrhyzial species that requires the roots of certain trees to grow on including pine, aspen, birch , spruce, fir, etc.
Edibility: Edible - with extreme caution!
Comments: This amazing, metallic looking mushrooms is one of the few Amanitas that is actually edible! The cap can be shiny, almost metalic. There is no veil on the stem (very unusual for an Amanita). The universal veil creates a volva that is loosely attached at the base of the stem and will often leave remnants on the cap. Supposedly this is one of the safest Amanitas for the table but be sure of your identification! Most Amanitas are deadly and just one mushroom can cause liver failure in less than a week! Even with an expert identification, I would not eat this mushroom unless perhaps it was commercially cultivated! The photos above are being used with permission by my good friend Ed Swanberg (Thanks Ed!).

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