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Cantharellus cibarius

Common name: Chantrelle
Spore Print: Usually yellow, can be cream or pink
Habitat: Grows on the ground in the forest, associated with the roots of certain trees (mycorrhyzial)
Edibility: Edible, and very good!
Comments: This mushroom is highly sought after by all mushroom hunters of all ages and 'secret spots' where these mushrooms grow are hardly ever publicly anounced. This is one of the few mushrooms a beginner can easily recognize along with morels and Boletus edulus. It is a good edible but I've heard of a few reports of people getting sick from eating undercooked or frozen chantrelles. The photos above are of fully mature specimens. Amazingly, they were free from insects! It would seem that the bugs don't like chantrelles (good for us!). The main distingishing features of this mushroom is the bright orange color, the 'gills' that are thick and flattened and run all the way down the stem, and of course, the fruity smell of the mushroom itself. Once you smell a Chantrelle, you will be able to easily identify this mushroom!

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