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Clavariadelphus truncatus

Common name: The Orange Club; The Truncate Club Coral
Spore Print: Light Orange - Yellow
Habitat: Grows in clusters under spruce and fir in the Rocky Mountains.
Edibility: Edible.
Comments: This easily identifiable mushroom is reported to be sweet or bittersweet when cooked. However, the Colorado variety I sampled was only slightly sweet with a very weird agaricus/sweet/bitter/sour taste. Its really hard to describe the taste, but the smell was that of store bought button mushrooms. The taste was only slighly similar to regular mushrooms. The larger the mushroom the softer the flesh and it actually gets mushy in the large specimens. I cooked up only the small firm mushrooms and the texture was that of button mushrooms after being cooked. This would go well in an omlet!

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