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Coprinus atramentarius

Common name: Alcohol mushroom, Tippler's bane, Inky cap, Alcohol inky cap
Spore Print: Black
Habitat: This mushroom can grow just about anywhere. Its usually found in grass or around stumps.
Edibility: Edible with caution.
Comments: It's called the 'Alcohol Inky Cap' for a good reason: If you eat this mushroom and drink alcohol you will have an adverse reaction! If you are not a drinker, this mushroom is safe to eat and is reported to be fairly good. Keep in mind that this is a Coprinus and mushrooms in this genus turn into a black 'goo' to release their spores. So if you plan to eat this mushroom, avoid eating the mushrooms that have black gills or are decomposing. I've seen single mushrooms standing alone as well as very large groups, and it can be found from the plains to the mountains. There are many Coprinus that look similar but this one can be differentiated by the elongated, larger cap with streaks down the surface of the cap. It has recently been suggested that the genus Coprinus should be split into four separate genus and that this mushroom should be renamed to Coprinopsis atramentaria.

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