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Gomphidius glutinosus

Common name: The Glutinous Gomphidius
Spore Print: Smokey grey to black
Habitat: This mushroom grows on the ground in the mountains. It's mycorrhizal with a variety of conifers (it grows on the roots of certain trees in a sybiotic relationship, benefiting both the mushroom and the tree).
Edibility: Edible.
Comments: This strange mushroom is easily identified by it's slimy grey cap and bright yellow stem. The yellow part of the stem is not a result of a brusing or staining reaction as seen in some species of Agarics but is a permanent bright yellow. Even the mycelium is bright yellow. The whole genus of Gomphidius is edible and realted to the Boletes, even though it has waxy, decurrent gills. However, the slimy cap and meat-like smell makes it rather undesirable. If this is eaten, it's best to peel off the slime layer of the cap. Most new mushroom hunters always ask me if a mushroom is edible. Always remember, just because you can eat something doesn't mean that you want to eat it!

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