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Hydnum imbricatum

Common name: Hawk's Wing, or Shingled Hedgehog
Spore Print: Brown
Habitat: Grows on the ground and seems to prefer conifer forests. Found at higher elevations in the mountains at about 8500 feet elevation and higher.
Edibility: Edible with caution.
Comments:This mushroom is very easily identified because it has teeth instead of gills or pores under the cap. Some varietys are very bitter and some even are spicy hot. I've found that tasting the mushroom prior to eating (by tasting a very small piece of the raw mushroom, chewing it up and spitting it out) is the only sure way to tell the good ones from the bad ones. I've also found that slicing them and drying them in a dehydrator takes out most of the bitterness and gives them a nutty flavor. Still, this mushroom can cause indigestion in some people. It is not prone to insect infestation like most of the other edible mushrooms. It's a very good beginner mushroom since there are no 'look alikes' with the teeth under the cap and a shaggy top of the cap.

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