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Hygrophorus acutoconicus

Common name: A Cute Conic Waxy Cap
Spore Print: White
Habitat: On the forest floor; abundant on my property in Bailey Colorado at 8,700 feet elevation.
Edibility: Edible
Comments: This beautiful yellow mushroom is in the genus Hyrophorous, the 'Waxy Caps'. The flesh of this mushroom has a waxy feel to it. The gills, stalk, and cap are bright yellow. It doesn't have a veil (ring) on the stem. It can easily be confused with the non-edible 'Witches Hat' (Hygrocybe conica) which stains black immediately when handled. It also can be confused with the edible Hygrocybe flavescens, the 'Golden Waxy Cap', which has a convex to plane cap (never conical). I have not eaten this mushroom, but have heard that it doesn't have much taste. It is often called Hygrocybe acutoconica.

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