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Hypomyces lactifluorum

Common name: Lobster Mushroom
Spore Print: Colorless!
Habitat: Grows on the ground in the forests / mountains of Colorado.
Edibility: Edible - Sold in Markets in Mexico
Comments: This fungus is not actually a mushroom. Its a fungus that englufs other mushrooms turning them orange. This species attacks various species of Russula and Lactarius. There are no known cases of poisonings from eating this mushroom and it has been suggested that it only attacks edible species of Russula and Lactarius. It's easy to recognize with its bright orange color and rough 'sand paper like' surface. Be sure you don't eat other Hypomyces of different colors as they engluf mushrooms such as Amanita that can result in a deadly poisonous mushroom!

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