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Lepiota rachodes

Common name: Shaggy Parasol
Spore Print: White
Habitat: Grows in the grass or any decomposing material at lower elevations (in the city).
Edibility: Edible and one of my favorite mushrooms! It has a nutty flavor.
Comments: This is by far my favorite mushroom to find and eat. One of the big advantages of this mushroom is that there are almost never any bugs in the flesh and nearly every specimen is edible (besides aged specmens). This looks very similar to the very poisonous Chlorophyllum molybdites so be sure the spore print is white, not green. The flesh bruises brown and it has a unique thick collar-like ring (veil) on the stem. I've found this mushroom very easy to grow. Simply put a cap or two and some stem bases with mycelium in a mixture of garden soil and pine wood chips. It has been reported that some people have a severe allergic reaction to eating this mushroom. As with any mushroom, the first time you eat it you should cut it lengthwise from the base of the stem to the top of the cap and eat only half. If you happen to have a reaction and end up in the hospital, they will surely call in a 'mushroom expert' and he will be very interested in the remaining half of the mushroom!

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