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Panaeolus campanulatus

Common name: Bell shaped panaeolus, Manure bell
Spore Print: Black
Habitat: Grows on dung, usually horse or cow
Edibility: Some strains have been reported to contain psilocybin and to have hallucinogenic effects!
Comments: I didn't know what this mushroom was when I took the photo but later keyed it out to be Panaeolus campanulatus. This is the only mushroom that I know of that grows in Colorado to contain the illegal substance psilocybin! These were very small mushrooms with very thin caps and stems (note the size of the brown pine needles on the ground). Only two were growing in the area where I found them. There are many mushrooms that have a very similar appearance (some deadly) that can easily be confused with these so I would recommend avioding the consumption of these for recreational purposes! Identification is fairly easy: black spore print, growing on dung, and the unique 'ring with holes' hanging from the edge of the cap.

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