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Agaricus silvaticus

Check it out, I found these next to my barn on the big manure pile. I didn't realize how many there were when I first spotted them. I went back the next day for a photo and was surprised to see how many there were.

Look how big they are! And hardly any worms!

Tons of em, all sizes.

Lots of mycelium and bunches of buttons.

The top is a golden color.

They slowly stain red when cut.

Here's a hand full of the ones with no worms.

I put all the buttons back hoping they will mature.

Here's another patch that I didn't disturb in the same manure pile.

Look how they bleed red. This is the real clue as to their identity. I knew they were Agaricus but this gives it away, it's the edible red bleeding agaricus!

Here's a bunch for tomorrow...

And here's supper tonight!

I added some egg noodles and pepper, YUM! I have never eaten these before so I only ate half the bowl. You really have to be careful of allergies, especially since I'm allergic to several things including honey bees and fire ants!

Common name: Bleeding Agaricus
Spore Print: Brown
Habitat: Grows on the ground, not usually in manure but that's where these were!
Edibility: Edible and delicious!
Comments: These agaricus are typically grouped in the 'bleeding' agarics which also include A. fuscofibrillosus and A. haemorrhoidarius. Generally, if you can identify to the genus Agaricus, you should avoid eating any of the yellow staining agarics or those that smell like phenol or taste metallic. To get to know the phenol smell, simply have a mushroom expert give you an Agaricus xanthodermis and then take it home and fry it up. It will smell so bad you'll throw it out!

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