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Colorado Doppler History

Mushrooms follow the moisture and it's imperative to know how much fell and where it fell. This page should help us all follow those elusive mushrooms!

The doppler images below are current total precipitation, storm totals for the day. The way I get these is to go to This Doppler Site early in the morning. Usually it is blank when I look at it. I then click on 'Oldest' or 'Previous' (repeatedly) until I get the last doppler storm total from the day before. Then I do a 'Print Screen', trim it down in my photo editor and post it here. It is rather labor intensive to keep this page current since I have to update it every day (and update the HTML on the web page as well as transfer graphics to my server). And in many cases, I can't go back far enough to find the storm total (if I check it in the morning) so some days will be missing. I'll keep it up to date as much as I can during the mushroom season!
July 27, 2006:

July 26, 2006:

July 25, 2006:

July 23, 2006:

July 22, 2006:

July 21, 2006:

July 20, 2006:

July 19, 2006:

July 18, 2006:

July 17, 2006:

July 15, 2006:

July 14, 2006:

July 13, 2006:

July 12, 2006:

July 11, 2006:

July 10, 2006:

July 9, 2006:

July 8, 2006:

July 7, 2006:

July 6, 2006:

July 5, 2006:

July 4, 2006:

July 3, 2006:

July 2, 2006:

July 1, 2006:

June 30, 2006:

June 29, 2006:

June 28, 2006:

June 27, 2006:

June 25, 2006:

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