MY VEGGIE GARDEN! Ed, check out my veggie garden! This is the first year I've had success. My trick was to surround it with eight foot deer fence to keep the critters out.

It's coming along pretty good!

Here's another shot:

This is my harvest from today, eggs from my chickens and turnips and onions from my garden. I'm making a beef stew YUM!

I had this bare spot so I planted some late carrots.

My cucumbers are getting a late start too.

My grean beans are doing good, in a day or two I should be able to make my first harvest.

My lettuce is way behind as well, but should be ready in a couple weeks.

These are bunch onions, almost ready to pick! I may let a few go to seed to get starts on the ends.

My cabbage didn't come up so I replaced it with parsnips. I guess the do better after a freeze, so it's a cold weather crop.They are just starting to come up.

Had another bare spot that I filled in with a bunch of late radishes, all different kinds.

I've been harvesting my snow peas now for about a week or two.

The birds keep eating my strawberries so I'm going to have to come up with a clever way to keep them out, maybe hardware cloth or something.

My turnips are doing fantastic! I'm using some today for my stew.

My zucchini is almost ready for a first harvest. It's sensitive to cold so I'm hoping to get quite a few before the first frost, which is coming soon.

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