Here are a few photos of my new sawmill.

Here's the my first batch of wood that I've cut. I cut the 'stickers' about three days before I cut the rest. The stickers separate the wood and keep it from staining from mold. I read on the Internet that you can cut 'green' stickers from freshly cut trees three days in advance, stack them in a sunny, windy place and in three days they will be ready to use. Several of the stickers warped and fell apart but most were usable after the three days and suprisingly very dry.

Here's the same pile looking from the other end. I used up almost all of my stickers stacking this wood. The pile is 12 feet long and five feet wide. I cut 6" x 6" x 12 foot beams on the bottom which will be the poles for my new pole barn. The rest were cut 12 foot x 1 inch thick, various widths. Once they are dry I'll cut them down to the same width for use as board and batton siding on the barn. With my mill I'll be able to cut 15 boards at once! The mill is a Norwood Lumberlite 24 and it's surprisingly accurate, able to make boards that vary about 1/16 of an inch! And the variation is probably due to operator error not getting the mark in the same place cut after cut, I'm sure I can get the boards to be exactly the same with practice.

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