The Fabrication of my Forge!

Here's a photo of the air pump that I'm building for the forge. I have a 1/3 HP electric motor from a swamp cooler hooked up to a smog pump from a car or truck (not sure which, just went to the auto salvage lot and asked for their biggest smog pump). It's just layed out here and framed with my square to get an idea of the footprint and layout.

I plan to weld the bracket of the smog pump to a small piece of sheet metal and then bolt the smog pump to the bracket and bolt the bracket to the base plate (that has yet to be cut). I spent the whole night tonight cleaning off the grease and dirt that was on the smog pump. I accidently got some dirt in the smog pump so I gave it a good cleaning in the sink. I hope the water doesn't hurt it. It makes me wonder....I wonder if you can use a smog pump as a water pump?!

I plan on building a frame around the whole thing with square tubing.

There is barely enough clearance underneath for the belt to clear the bottom. A belt change would probably require that the pulley be removed from the smog pump. The electrical cord needs to be replaced bad. I did manage to reverse the spin of the motor so it would fit in this small space.

Here's the top of the forge. It's a propane bottle with the top cut off and then cut down the middle and welded together. It's sitting on a 1/2 inch thick steel plate that will be the inside bottom of the forge.

Here's a photo of the steel mesh that I plan on using for the walls of the box to hold all the components. Also, the green poles will make up the box and perhaps a handle.

Here's the first bag of coal that I ever bought. That burlap would be great in a bee smoker when I use this up!

Here's a massive chunk of coal!

Here I split the coal with my hammer and chisel. I saw on the web that if it's dull like this it's the cheaper kind of coal and doesn't burn as clean as 'Anthracite', the high grade coal, which is shiny when broken. This is most likely 'Bituminous' coal.

This coal has some odd yellow particles inside when broken.

Here's a five gallon bucket with the monster chunks of coal in it. These will for sure have to be broken down smaller before used in the forge.

Soon to come - completion of the air pump!

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Web page posted on July 15, 2005
Chris Hardwick