My Aluminum Melting Furnace!
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Finally I got this thing up and running and I melted some aluminum! Here's my first run where I cut up an old miter saw and melted it down and poured some pigs!

Here's a look into the top. I fed the crucible by placing some aluminum in to start (I know you are not supposed to do that though) and then dropping in more as it melted. I have some short tongs but after awhile I was just dropping them in.

Here's my new tongs to hold the crucible!

Here they are closed up a bit. I couldn't hold the crucible and take a photo cause I was afraid of dropping and breaking the crucible LOL.

I got the crucible full about 3/4 and then poured these pigs! At first I set the bottom of the crucible on the block of refractory but after I poured about half of them I just grabbed the tongs a little lower down and poured it holding the whole thing up in the air. I was able to pour more accurately keeping the whole thing off the ground.

Here's the crucible and inside of the furnace after the pour. I used a hard firebrick on the bottom to set the crucible on and put some powdered activated carbon under the crucible to keep it from sticking.

Here's the dross that I skimmed off of the top of the molten aluminum. I can reach right through the lid and skim this off.

Here's my whole setup after I finished melting and pouring.

Here's the start of my cope and drag.

I still have some work to do on it but it's coming along.

Here's my fancy dross scooper.


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Site posted on August 20, 2005
Chris Hardwick