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Site posted on August 28, 2005
Chris Hardwick
My First Lost Foam Casting!
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OK, I've decided after about four coats of wall texture that I would give it a try and do some casting! First I noticed small bubbles where the texture didn't stick. Next time I may try to put the first coat on better with a brush.

I've been hanging on to this roll away bed frame too long. My furnace is hungry! 8)

Here's the steel components of the frame.

FEED ME! Ha, I can put these aluminum poles right into the top and feed my hungry furnace.

Here's a few more scrap steel pieces. My chop saw made easy work of this.

I'm using my wheelbarrel for the casting process because I don't have anything big enough to hold my form.

Here I'm cutting the sprues shorter.

I need them aligned to all fit in my head pressure device.

Placing it in the sand.....

I added some miter saw, piston, and roll away bed frame aluminum for this job.

Setting up for the pour.

Here's a shot from the top.

Here's my setup. I put a steel plate across the top of the wheelbarrel so I can set the bottom of my crucible on it for an easier pour.

I know I didn't have enough sand for this. I used all the sand I had except some wet sand which would have been a big mistake. I don't like the looks of this.

This is looking bad....

I'm amazed any aluminum got to the bottom of the mold from the looks of all the aluminum that poured out from around the top.

Look at the back, the sprues didn't even take the pour.

Here's a shot of this first attempt after a wire brush and a few minutes under running water. I think I know what I did wrong on this one.