My Freecycle Generator!

Check out my new freecycle generator! This thing is huge. It's a Dayton 7500 watt with a cast iron twin cylinder briggs and straton engine. The guy said he replaced the charge rectifier and control switch (not sure what these do) and he said he replaced the start switch with a selenoid (not sure why). The battery was dead, it tested out at 2 volts and he said I could start it with jumper cables to the selenoid. I have the battery on a charger now. I have no idea how this thing runs and what the parts are, I guess I'll have to read up on that. As you can see from the dirt, it's probably the carb that's making this thing run bad.

Check it out, here's my first aluminum melt showing my new burner setup in the background! I took the door off of the side of the furnace because you couldn't close it with the burner holder. This thing starts up real easy with a long candle lighter, lights the first time and stays lit! I found out that you can easily light it from the back side of the burner where the gas comes in without having to reach inside to light it.

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Site posted on August 16, 2005
Chris Hardwick