My Knife Forge!

Check out the gas fired knife forge I'm making, real EZ to make! I'm using soft fire brick for most of it and some hard fire brick at the front and back where the metal goes in.

I'm gonna make it so I can take the hard fire bricks on and off and adjust the hole of the ends using hard and/or soft fire brick. I can use the soft brick to get it hotter or lower it and use hard brick for long pieces of steel.

Here's the front where the metal goes in. With the soft brick at the back I would think it would get hotter and keep more heat in - good for short metal.

Here's the first piece I'm gonna work with, a lawn mower blade! See the angle iron to the right? I'm going to make a frame for the bottom and up the sides a bit and probably make a stand for it to get it away from things that burn. I also need to put a hole in the side for the burner. I'll also probably put something on the side that will bolt the burner on the hole. About two hours of work or so and this baby should be done!

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Site posted on September 15, 2005
Chris Hardwick