Psilocybe azurescens - Common names include Astoriensis, Flying Saucer Mushroom, Indigo Psilocybe, Blue Runners and Blue Angels
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Grow Your Own Edible Mushrooms!
Many different kinds of mushrooms are now available for growing indoors.
Many of the indoor mushrooms can be transferred outside after you harvest the mushrooms
and will continue to produce mushrooms for years! Order from our SECURE site below.
Simply follow the directions below for the type of mushroom you want to grow and eat!
The Shiitake Mushroom Patch
Our most popular Mushroom Patch! Composed of a unique blend of sterilized, enriched sawdust fully colonized with a select Chinese strain of Shiitake (Lentinula edodes). Esteemed for both its health-stimulating properties and its culinary value, our newest generation of Shiitake kits are super-boosted to give the most prolific harvests yet. Shiitake mushrooms can be harvested at 2 week intervals for up to 16 weeks. A 50-80 F environment is ideal. $50.00

The Nameko Mushroom Patch
The Nameko Mushroom (Pholiota nameko) is Japan's second most popular cultivated mushroom (Shiitake is the most popular). This mushroom has a strong flavor, faintly reminiscent of cashews. Typically, one to two pounds of mushrooms can be harvested from this kit. A 50-65 F environment is needed. $40.00

The Pearl Oyster Mushroom Patch
Bouquets of Pearl Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) will flourish within two weeks of arrival. a 55-75 F environment is needed. This kit produces a surprisingly abundant crop of tasty mushrooms. We recommend inoculating your garden compost pile with this kit after use. Often gardeners can enjoy continued harvests of Oyster Mushrooms outdoors in the following months. (Please note that freezing is not harmful to this kit.) $38.00

The Pink Oyster Mushroom Patch
Also known as the Flamingo Oyster, The Pink Oyster Mushroom Patch™ (Pleurotus djamor) requires sustained temperatures over 70 F for best results. A tropical species, it grows very rapidly. Similar to the Expresso Oyster below, it can be grown on a variety of substrates including hardwood sawdust and coffee grounds. These mushrooms are best eaten when young and tender. $38.00

The Enokitake Mushroom Patch
A veritable forest of small capped, long stemmed Enokitake mushrooms (Flammulina velutipes), often too numerous to count, will emerge from this mushroom kit. Long favored by the Japanese and known by North Americans as The Winter Mushroom, this species is delightful to grow and eat. A 40-60 F environment is recommended. (To activate, simply place it in your refrigerator.) Like the Pearl Oyster Mushroom Patch, freezing does not harm this mushroom. $40.00

The Reishi Mushroom Patch
Ganoderma lucidum, known as Reishi by the Japanese and Ling Chi by the Chinese, has long been sought after for its beneficial properties. Ling Chi is perhaps the most well renowned of all the medicinal fungi, represented in Oriental Art for thousands of years. Reputed to have many health stimulating properties, Western studies are increasingly authenticating what Eastern cultures have known for thousands of years, that this mushroom stimulates the body's immune system. A 70-80 F environment is ideal. Once grown, this mushroom is generally broken up, powdered and steeped in simple teas. Its flavor is strong, distinctive, and pleasant to most people. $48.00

The Maitake Mushroom Patch
This succulent, edible and choice mushroom may prove to be the medicinal mushroom of the next century. This kit can be grown in a 3-5 gallon container indoors or out, provided that temperatures hover within the 55-70 F range. Simply unwrap, surround with sawdust and water once or twice a day. Clusters of Maitake (Grifola frondosa) mushrooms will spring forth in 2-3 weeks. The Patch must then be transferred to a bed outdoors and allowed to grow for 6-12 months for further fruitings to occur. $58.00

NEW! The Turkey Tail Mushroom Patch™
Favored by shamans throughout the ages, this delightful mushroom kit produces shelf fungi (Trametes versicolor) with multiple, colorful zones. The mushrooms can be made into a medicinal tea, and are highly valued for being the natural source of the anti-cancer agent PSK. These ornate mushrooms can also be used to make artful adornments such as necklaces and ear-rings. Grows best at 65-75 F. $56.00

The "Espresso Oyster" Mushroom Patch
Practice bioremediation at home! Recycle old newspapers, coffee and espresso grounds by inoculating them with Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus). One of our favorite methods is the simplest: just mix the sawdust spawn directly into coffee grounds, espresso or perked. Our Pearl Oyster spawn fruits in a wide temperature range, making it suitable for inoculation across the country. A fascinating project for people of all ages. Kit comes complete with 1 gallon of Pearl Oyster Sawdust Spawn and detailed instructions. $38.00

The Almond Portobello Mushroom Patch
Riding a wave of popularity, this deliciously edible mushroom (Agaricus blazei) imparts a strong almond flavor upon cooking. Known as Himematsutake 'God's Mushroom' and heralded in Brazil and Japan for its health-giving properties, our unique strain produces delicious mushrooms with an unusually strong flavor. Once you harvest a crop indoors, the kit can be used as spawn for outdoor cultivation. A 70-85 F environment is ideal. (Cannot be shipped to Hawaii or internationally.) $48.00

The King Tuber Mushroom Patch
Weird Science! Here is a great mushroom for biology teachers and students. This mushroom (Pleurotus tuberregium) produces a large potato-like sclerotium, which can be planted into sand, and soon germinates with a spike-like protuberance which metamorphoses into a fruit-body similar in appearance to an Oyster mushroom. Originating from Nigeria, this unique mushroom is edible when young but not when mature due to its toughness. Not necessarily a culinary mushroom, this kit is a great species for demonstrating the mushroom life cycle. A 70-85 F environment is ideal. $40.00

The Stone Mushroom Patch
Known by Italians as 'Pietra Fungaia', this remarkable mushroom (Polyporus tuberaster) produces velvet-like antlers which unfold into large, funnel-shaped mushrooms. Mild in flavor, superior in texture, sauteing these mushrooms combines well with most foods. Like many of our mushroom kits, there is enough life-force in this kit once it stops producing indoors to use as spawn for outdoor cultivation. A 60-80 F environment is ideal. $48.00

The Smoky-Gilled Mushroom Patch
Some mushroom hunters consider this mushroom to be their favorite mushroom to eat! Hypholoma capniodes grows best at 45-60oF. It's a true saprophyte and an aggressive conifer stump decomposer which means that after you harvest indoors you can plant outside in woodchips to produce mushrooms for years to come. The fragrance is fresh and sweet. $56.00

The Pioppino Mushroom Patch
This mushroom has a mellow and attractive flavor. Agrocybe adgerita grows prolifically and is excellent for stump recycling. After you harvest the mushrooms indoors, plant outside in a bed of woodchips. Each mushroom can grow up to 12 inches in diameter! To stimulate mushroom development cool to 55-65oF. It prefers to grow on hardwoods, especially cottonwoods, willows, poplars, maples and box elders. Once planted outdoors, this could produce large amounts for many years. $54.00

The Cinnamon Cap Mushroom Patch
Hypholoma Sublateritium is my favorite mushroom. This highly prized mushroom has a pleasant, sweet fragrance and is sought out by many midwest mushroom hunters. It's not only very good to eat, it is very aesthetically pleasing with it's brilliant yellowish zone around the cap margin contrasting the reddish brown color. Again, its an excellent candidate for stump recycling. Produces mushrooms best at 50-60oF. $54.00

The Garden Giant Mushroom Patch
The largest of all mushrooms, this one can grow to 5 pounds PER MUSHROOM! Stropharia rugosoannulata is very adaptive to outdoor cultivation. Popularly grown in Europe, this species is now the premier mushroom for outdoor bed culture. It has a burgundy color when young and a rich, pleasing, forest like scent. It's best to plant this one directly outdoors in wood chip mulch to grow monster mushrooms! $52.00

The Giant Morel Mushroom Patch
Morchella crassipes usually shows up in the spring while most other mushrooms produce in the fall so for a good all season mix this would be a great addition. Morels usually are the first things to appear after a forest fire and seem to thrive on the burnt ash of wood. For best results, use ash from a fireplace or campfire and mix in with your wood chips before planting. These are one of the more difficult to get started, thus the higher price. Morels are a prize edible and highly sought after. $78.00

The Shaggy Mane Mushroom Patch
A very unusual mushroom, Coprinus comatus has a very mild and excellent flavor. In it's natural habitat it will grow in wood chips, lawns, and along roadsides, spreading very quickly. The mushrooms should be picked before the slightest hint of the gills turning black. Grows up to 8 inches in height. These are great mushrooms for omelets! $44.00

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