Here's my cardboard chicken coop!

Check out this nesting setup that I made for my chickens out of cardboard boxes! I stablized it using 2 x 4s on the bottom, between levels and on top. The hay in the boxes was on the floor of the barn and adds more weight to make it stable. Already chickens are going in the boxes. Won't be long now until I have a bunch of eggs! Check it out, three of these boxes were upside down and I had to flip them (see the shape of the holes I cut). Do you think they can get in the boxes on the top level without a perch? Maybe I should make one.

Hey, what do you think, can they fly over the fence? They may be able to but will they try?

Here's a photo of my new tractor with the plow on it! It really can push some hay!

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Web page posted on July 31, 2005
Chris Hardwick