Defective Ammunition Dear Aim Surplus,
On October 19, 2008 I ordered two cases of 500 rounds of .223 ammunition (product number: A223US, 55grn FMJ, 2 cases at $169.95 each, total: $339.90; Order number: CH042110070868). After inspecting one case of ammunition I found that 87 rounds were damaged so badly that they were not good enough to fire in my AR-15. I found many rounds with large dents, some had dents where the bullets were seated, some had bullets that were loose and could be moved in an out of the brass, and some of them had the bullets seated at an angle. I also noticed that many of the other rounds besides the 87 listed above had the bullet seated at a very slight angle, probably good enough to shoot but I'm sure this would affect the accuracy of the ammo. Here are a few photos of the damaged ammunition:

Tomorrow I will inspect the second case of ammunition but I'm assuming the quality is probably about the same. I'm hoping you can send me replacement ammunition or perhaps refund part of my money. Before I noticed the defects in this ammunition I ordered two more cases over the phone. Please cancel this order.


Chris Hardwick

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Page Posted on November 13, 2008
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