My first Oxyacetylene Welding Project!

Here's my scrap metal pile all spread out so I can see what I have. I got most of this stuff from freecycle people who are cleaning out their back yards.

The guy I got this from said it was from a trampoline. It would make a nice table if you have a good imagination!

This is a panel from a big electrial box (I think). I got it from work from their srap metal dumpster. I think it would make a nice table top.

Ha, you missed all the work. I used a blow torch to tear apart the metal from the trampoline thing, used my chop saw to cut the angles on the top and legs, welded it using an oxyacetylene torch and then ground the welds using my angle grinder.

The top is a very tight fit. I just set it on and push it down. Someday I would like to replace the top with thicker steel and use this as a light weight welding table. This is actually pretty heavy steel that is used, all except the top which is kind of flimsy for a welding table.

Here's a close up of my welds on one corner. Not bad for my first ever welding job! I owe all the credit to the welding instructional DVD I bought on!

Here's the finished product with my chop saw on top. For now, it will be a good metal cutting table!

All I need now is an air compressor, sand blaster, and air powered paint sprayer and this baby will be looking brand new!

Copyright 2005
Chris Hardwick