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Check out these stats!

I just can't believe how popular this site has become! Here's a few of the statistics that I pulled off of my plesk administrator. I started hosting with this new company in May but don't have some of the numbers from previous months.
Here's the stats for traffic usage, otherwise known as bandwidth. Everytime you visit one of my pages there is a certain amount of data that has to be loaded onto your computer for you to see the page. Text loads quick and pictures take longer because they are much larger in size.

Bandwidth: Traffic
Month Year Traffic Usage
May 2002 1.99 MB/Month
June 2002 46.1 MB/Month
July 2002 51.3 MB/Month
August 2002 525 MB/Month
September 2002 599 MB/Month
October 2002 12.5 GB/Month
*November 2002 13.4 GB/Month

*November bandwidth total is only from November 1 to November 9!
By the way, the allowed bandwidth on my new server is 60 gigs per month!

Number of Hits

*Monthly Statistics for November 2002
Total Hits 26,099 (9 days only!)
Average Max
Hits per Hour 120 917
Hits per Day 2899 7280
*November stats are only calculated from Nov. 1 to Nov 9!

Monthly Statistics for October 2002
Total Hits 62,226
Average Max
Hits per Hour 83 477
Hits per Day 2007 2922

Monthly Statistics for September 2002
Total Hits 38,539
Average Max
Hits per Hour 53 1040
Hits per Day 1284 2430

For a more detailed look at my stats, visit https://capsandstems.com/webstat/
and click on the month to see in depth statistics.

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